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Marine collagen – sourced from wild-caught, cold-water fish.

Hydrolyzed collagen protein contains the essential amino acid lysine, which has been shown to have anti-viral properties and is important for your body to build immune cells. In addition, hydrolyzed collagen protein has been associated with better digestive health. Vykon hydrolyzed collagen protein is 100% pure, no added fillers, flavours or colours. It is sourced from wild-caught, cold-water fish so it is non-GMO and free from antibiotics and artificial hormones.

Hydrolyzed Collagen as an immune support nutrient

Your immune system is made up of various cell types and processes that all work together to help you fight off infections. A strong immune system is key to fighting off all sorts of bad stuff.

Hydrolyzed collagen can actually work to support your immune systems efforts in three ways.

  1. It is a source of the amino acid Lysine.   Lysine is an essential amino acid, what this means, our body cannot make it and it must be consumed from food and/or supplements. Lysine has been shown to help fight off viral infections in particular. Lysine works to limit the access of other nutrients to the virus and prevent its ability to reproduce. It has even been shown in some studies to reduce the duration of the common cold as well as control herpes outbreaks.
  2. It is rich in the amino acid glycine. Hydrolyzed collagen is extremely rich in the amino acid glycine. Your body uses glycine to make a protein called “glutathione”. Glutathione is really important to your cells, especially the cells that fight infection. Glutathione helps protect your own cells from your body’s immune response and also works to make your immune cells more effective.
  3. 80% of your immunity is housed in your gut. Hydrolyzed collagen provides the amino acids our body needs to repair and rebuild damage intestinal wall. It’s important to protect your digestive tract; as it works as a physical barrier to prevent germs from entering your bloodstream.

Collagen production naturally declines as we age

An important fact, by mid 30s, your collagen production naturally declines. By age 60, over half of your body’s collagen has been depleted. As you age, its extremely important to add hydrolyzed collagen to your daily diet to support both your immune system and digestive health.

Dietary sources

Not into supplements? No problem. You can actually obtain collagen proteins from homemade bone broth. Ideally, you want your broth to “gel” when cool, that is a handy way to ensure you boiled the bones long enough to extract the collagen

Collagen Supplements

Vykon’s hydrolyzed collagen is 100% pure, sourced from wild-caught, cold-water fish straight off the east coast of Canada; it is non-GMO and free from antibiotics and artificial hormones with no added fillers, flavours, or colours.

Start with 5g of hydrolyzed collagen daily to help support your immune system and digestive health

Bottle contains 40-80 servings (400 grams)


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Sue’s background includes being a two sport athlete in University and a member of Ontario Field Hockey team. She completed her CIS eligibility in College for photojournalism following 25 years as a photojournalist. Supporting two daughters through competitive hockey, Sue discovered her passion for Holistic Nutrition and returned to study at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, graduating with her Certified Nutrition Practitioner designation. She has a strong passion for supporting people through chronic stress. Sue enjoys time on the water, has her Level 1 SUP certification and recently started racing.


Kailan spent her youth on her family farm; from a young age she developed an interest in how the mental and physical wellness of animals can impact their bonding and performance. After improving the health of her equine companions, she has had some pivotal moments resulting in multiple national championship titles. Her inherent passion for health coupled with her degree in engineering has led her on this journey to help humans and animals alike realize the benefits of optimized health.  

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