Kim Heintz
Functional Health Strategist,
Vykon Coach

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Next Level Performance

Vykon Performance line is an all natural line for athletes, weekend warriors and those that are serious about training.  Fuel your body with the best, so you don’t leave anything behind!


Regain energy, erase debilitating symptoms & maximize your health to live your best life. Customize and streamline your supplementation with what your body actually need with Vykon.

Customs for MY CLIENTS

Are you a health practitioner using HTMA in your practice? Vykon Customs are the first, all-encompassing HTMA supplement.  Learn how you can offer Vykon customs to your clients.

Do you have a
Magnesium Deficiency?

Magnesium is burned at higher rates when someone is stressed……..PLUS it is involved in over 600 enzymatic processes in the body.  Find out if you might be suffering, download your free guide now!

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There is no better time than the present to live your best life

Whether it’s better performance in the gym, foundational supplements to support overall health or a custom mix based on your unique cellular biochemistry via HTMA (Hair Mineral Analysis) testing, Vykon is committed to provide you with all-natural cutting edge formulas to help you erase debilitating symptoms, gain energy, stay sharper and achieve more.