Ultimate You Bundle

CA$ 129.00

Support your body with this unique health bundle for the Ultimate You!  Fight inflammation, support nutrient deficiencies, enhance gut health and increase relaxation.


Are you ready to kick start your health??  This bundle is just what you need!

What’s included?

Ultimate Greens – A unique combination of organic greens including moringa, green tea extract, Norwegian kelp, chlorella, and spirulina.  Packed with an ultra nutrient punch to get your daily dose of veggie support.  30 serving bottle.

Magnesium capsules – 100% magnesium glycinate, no fillers.  Supports sleep and relaxation of muscles, also helps the body recover from physical activity. 60 capsules.

Omega-3 capsules – From small wild-caught fish, heavy metal tested and no fishy aftertaste.  Fight inflammation and support cell integrity. 60 capsules.

Probiotic 10+ – A living fermented product including certified organc herbs and 10 probiotic strains.  Support a healthy microbiome as well as digestion with this unique formula.  Great for pets too!  500mL bottle.