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Where are Vykon products made?
Vykon products are produced in a Health Canada licensed lab facility based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The lab is cGMP compliant, has strict quality assurance protocols and uses third-party testing to validate the identity and purity of all ingredients.

Where do you source your raw materials?

The majority of our ingredients are sourced domestically, but also worldwide. We source ingredients outside of North America when the best manufacturers are available for a particular product. For example, when we source sea salt, it comes directly from Belgium, which not only has extremely strict manufacturing processes, but also brings a high quality product from the Mediterranean.

Is every incoming batch of raw materials tested for metals, mold, microbes & other sources of contamination?

Each batch of raw materials is tested for all the above. All of our raw materials come with a Certificate of Analysis , which has all of the test results. If we are using a new manufacturer for a product we are sourcing, we will also do a third party test for raw materials to ensure the Certificate of Analysis is exactly what it should be. If for any reason that third party test comes back with results different than what the supplier has provided on the CoA, then we will send the ingredient back and find another source.

Are all of your ingredients non-GMO or organic?

We strive to ensure we use as many certified organic ingredients as possible.  Approximately 95% of our herbals are organic and if not organic then they are non-GMO. For example our kelp is knotted wrack from the North Atlantic and is certified organic, plus all of our flavourings have been hand-picked and are 100% natural.  Many supplement companies use fillers and artificial flavours.  We refuse to use anything artificial in any Vykon product.

Where do you source your Marine Collagen from?

Our hydrolyzed marine collagen is from wild caught fish from the East Coast right here in Canada. It is the highest quality available as many hydrolyzed collagens from fish are made from farmed tilapia.

Special Note: Since the collagen is made from wild caught fish, we cannot guarantee that the product is shellfish free.

What if I have allergies to Dairy, Shellfish or Fish?

We do have three potential major allergens in our facility:

  1. Dairy – In our New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate
  2. Shellfish – In our Glucosamine Sulfate
  3. Fish – In our Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

We do have rice in our facility in the form of our rice protein.

We cannot guarantee that our products have not come in contact with these allergens as they are in the same facility.  However, we take allergies very seriously, and take all precautions to minimize cross contamination in our lab.


How are your products shipped?

All Vykon products are shipped from our lab facility via FEDEX Express to the USA, UPS or Canada Post within Canada and FedEx or DHL outside of North America. 

Do you ship products internationally?

We have partnered with FedEx and DHL for our overseas shipping options.   They offer a tracked service, guaranteed to arrive within 5-7 business days (outside of any potential customs’ delays), they will attempt a signature; however, this may not always be possible.  All shipments may be subject to country taxes and/or customs.  Please note these charges are the responsibility of the receiver. 

If you have more questions with regards to overseas shipments; please feel free to reach out to our office at any time.

How long does my shipment take to arrive?

All shipments are sent with tracking, which is shared with you when the package has left our facility. 

CANADA: approximately 1-2 business days once the order is completed (within Quebec and Ontario) and 3+ business days (within Western and Eastern provinces). 
USA: approximately 1-4 business days, once order is completed.
INTERNATIONAL: approximately 5-7 business days, once order is completed, based on location. 

These times may vary based on customs clearance and unforeseen courier delays. 

You may request expedited shipping for any parcel at an extra cost, just contact our team:

What if I don’t receive my order?

All orders are shipped with tracking when the product leaves our lab facility.  If you do not receive your shipment within 7 business days of it leaving our facility, (in North America, or 10 business days outside of North America), we suggest reaching out to the courier identified in your product tracking info.  If you go through this process and need further support please contact: to report an issue.  All issues of this type will be handled on a case by case basis. 

What if I want to return something?

Returns are applicable to unopened products, in original packaging, within 30 days. 

The customer is responsible for the return shipping costs. Once we have received your returned items(s) in house, we will give you a full refund less the original shipping cost. To initiate this process, please email us at: Refunds will be issued to your original payment method. 

All returns should be sent to:  VYKON LABS, 2500 Solandt Road, Suite 210, Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 3G5


What is HTMA?

HTMA, (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis), is a non-invasive diagnostic test that determines mineral patterns within the body.  Unlike bloodwork, it reveals 3-4 months of biochemical activity in the body.  Hair is used for mineral testing because of its very nature. Hair is formed from clusters of specialized cells that make up the hair follicle. During the growth phase, the hair is exposed to the internal environment such as blood, lymph and extra-cellular fluids. As the hair continues to grow and reaches the surface of the skin, its outer layers harden, locking in the metabolic products accumulated during the period of formation. 
Looking to get tested? Book Your Test Today!

What are the benefits of being tested??

Mineral balancing protocols can erase debilitating symptoms, regain energy and enhance longevity. The following symptoms can all be related to mineral imbalances:

  • Allergies
  • Digestive Issues
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight Gain
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Anxiety and Panic
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cognitive Issues
  • Joint Pain and Stiffness

Looking to get tested? Book Your Test Today!

What are the benefits of using a Custom Formula?

Once you’ve taken a HTMA test, we use that information to formulate your very own Vykon Custom Formula. Vykon Custom Formulas were created to take the stress out of supplementation, by streamlining and combining vitamins, mineral and amino acids in an all-encompassing powder; based on your own unique biochemistry.  At just 2 servings per day the powders are easy to use and portable.  Plus they are great for the environment, cutting back on all of those glass or plastic bottles, that right now, might just be taking up cupboard space!

If you want more energy, or if you are an athlete that wants to perform better; then using a truly customized supplement is the key to having the energy you want and taking your game to the next level.    

What are the steps to getting your own Custom Formula??

Purchase your HTMA package (includes a test kit and a 60 minute consultation)

-Fill out your Intake Forms

-Take your hair sample & ship the sample and paperwork to us

-Meet virtually with your practitioner who will discuss your results and recommend a custom powder based on your bioindividuality


Sue’s background includes being a two sport athlete in University and a member of Ontario Field Hockey team. She completed her CIS eligibility in College for photojournalism following 25 years as a photojournalist. Supporting two daughters through competitive hockey, Sue discovered her passion for Holistic Nutrition and returned to study at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, graduating with her Certified Nutrition Practitioner designation. She has a strong passion for supporting people through chronic stress. Sue enjoys time on the water, has her Level 1 SUP certification and recently started racing.


Kailan spent her youth on her family farm; from a young age she developed an interest in how the mental and physical wellness of animals can impact their bonding and performance. After improving the health of her equine companions, she has had some pivotal moments resulting in multiple national championship titles. Her inherent passion for health coupled with her degree in engineering has led her on this journey to help humans and animals alike realize the benefits of optimized health.  

Kailan’s goal is to enlighten others to the resources available, aid in resolving root cause of barriers and breakdown misconceptions surrounding poor behavioural patterns.



Yielding over a decade of professionalism in design and entrepreneurship, Grace is in charge of the many multimedia projects at Vykon. With an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, her artistic eye and a flair for creativity brings a unique touch to every project she undertakes. When she’s not working, Grace enjoys trying new recipes, watching movies and spending an afternoon in an art gallery.