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Help us achieve breakthroughs in canine supplementation with science-based, organic minerals to enhance performance, relief, and longevity for dogs. 

Is your pet suffering from: fatigue, inflammation, joint pain, digestive issues, allergies, weight issues, skin problems, anxiety?

Mineral deficiencies and toxicities affect all of us.  Animal HTMA is an important screening tool that provides key indicators behind all of the conditions that your pet might be suffering from.  Hair contains minerals that are deposited as the hair grows and a simple hair sample provides information about the mineral activity that has taken place over the last 3 to 4 months.  This is extremely effective to provide detailed information about your pet’s health, including deficiencies and toxicities that could be causing these issues.


HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) testing can not only help your pet live better and have more energy, but it can help to extend their lifespan.


HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) testing is the key to longevity, not only for humans, but for our furry friends.  Learn more about what HTMA can do for your pet.

Custom Powders

Vykon Custom Powders, based on HTMA science, are specifically formulated on your pet’s test results. HTMA & Vykon Customs can help them live their best life. 

Meet Lisa Pitel-Killah, Vykon Founder and Mineral Analysis Expert.  Her dog TC was having chronic digestive issues with bouts of Clostridia.  Back and forth to the Vet, and back and forth between antibiotics and commercial probiotics, that just weren’t working.  He was constantly suffering.  Then he started to lose his hearing and after much research, Lisa realized that hearing loss has been documented in some dogs with elevated toxicities in the body.  Having access to Canine HTMA testing, she knew this was the next step to help her boy.  After doing his first test, she saw some major deficiencies, imbalances and toxicities; so she formulated his Vykon Custom Canine powder to support detox, mineral balance and digestive health.  She is extremely happy to report after more follow-up testing he is detoxing heavy metals, his hearing has improved and he has a new found vitality!  Vykon Canine, helping your dog live better.

How it Works

“The Animal HTMA testing is a non-invasive test that supplies a comprehensive lab report using charts, graphs and supportive documentation to show metabolic status, and provides corrective actions to address mineral imbalances, reverse physical degeneration and revitalize cellular metabolism (energy).”

A HTMA lab test uses hair tissue for analysis. The reason hair is used is because (unlike blood or urine) it is stable over time and provides several months of biochemical activity in a single sample. Obtaining a sample is non-invasive and inexpensive, and can be done without the need of veterinary intervention.

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