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Clinic Name/PractitionerWebsite/Social MediaSpecialtyVirtual/In Person MeetingsAbout
Semalee Bilbrey
Semalee Bilbrey, FDN, HTMAP
(281) 222-5577
INSTAGRAM: /semaleebilbreywellnessVirtual
Health at Home MA
Kristin Gauthier BSN RN
(508) 981-6686
WEB: healthathomeMA.com
INSTAGRAM: /Kristingauthier_RN
Women's healthVirtual
Rachel Silansky
Rachel Silansky, CHHC
(860) 940-4935
WEB: fitandfueledmidlife.mykajabi.com/htmatesting
INSTAGRAM /fitandfueledmidlife
Athletic women 40+Virtual
Heather Cooan
Heather Cooan, MBA, FDN-P, NTP, ONC
(669) 228-1380
WEB: heathercooan.comCancer, autoimmune diseaseVirtual
Amber MacDonald
Amber MacDonald, MRWP, NTP
(603) 313-0079
WEB: empowereddigestivehealth.com
INSTAGRAM: /empowered.digestive.health
Mineral balancing, metabolic health, adrenals, neurotransmitters/amino acid, gut health, HTMA MentoringVirtual
Harmony Health & Wellness
Monique Bowman, ND
(845) 764-3027
WEB: hhwnaturopathic.com
INSTAGRAM: /hhwnaturopathic
Digestive health, mental healthVirtual
Sara Zaki Nutrition/Naturopathic Dietitian LLC
Sara Zaki MS, RDN, DIFM, HTMA Practitioner
(609) 619-0707
WEB: sarazakinutrition.com
INSTAGRAM: /sara_zaki___
Autoimmune, gastrointestinal, eating disorders, substance abuse recovery, mental health, renal dialysis and kidney care, medical nutrition therapy, clinical nutrition, Virtual
Omen Wellness
Dr. Theodora Precup
(919) 896-5534
WEB: OmenWellness.com
INSTAGRAM /OmenWellness
Burnout/depression recovery, brain and gut health, nutrition, functional health coachingVirtual / In Person

3428 Schooner Dr.,
Cary NC 27519
If you're struggling with symptoms like low energy, brain fog, and mental decline then it's a sign you need to start paying attention. I can help you dig deeper and put it all together in actionable steps that feel manageable. I offer 1:1, group and hybrid holistic wellness coaching.
Krave Wellness
Kristen Roberts, NTP, RWP
(860) 227-0833
WEB: kravect.com
INSTAGRAM: /kravewellness_ct
High performers, gut health, mental health, mental sharpness, sleep quality, and energyVirtual / In Person

250 South Broad Street
Pawcatuck, CT 06379
The functional labs I work with include: HTMA (hair), GI-MAP (stool), MRT (food sensitivity, blood draw), eFHP (extended Female Hormone Panel, saliva), DUTCH (dried urine), Total Tox Panel (urine), other Vibrant panels like the Wheat Zoomer (blood draw or blood spot)
MTC Health and Wellness
Sandy Eggers FDN-P
(816) 591-8293
WEB: mtchealthandwellness.comWomen, fatigue, brain fog, irritability,stomach issues, painVirtual / In Person

2330 Vintage Court,
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024
I help tired hurting and overwhelmed women find more energy strength and focus so they can better fulfill their Godly calling as a mom , wife and friend. I believe low minerals, unbalanced hormones and stomach issues leave us struggling to survive day to day and I believe God has so much more for you. .
Leslie Owens Holistic Health
Leslie Owens, BCHHP, FDN-P
(704) 293-9770
WEB: leslieowensholistichealth.com
INSTAGRAM: /leslieowensholistichealth
Parents with never ending fatigue and brain fogVirtual / In Person

12042 Cheviott Hill Lane
Charlotte, NC 28213
Working with parents with never ending fatigue and brain fog
Vibrant Transformative Health, LLC
Tammy Lopez, PharmD, BC-ADM, CDCES, CPT, CFMS
(719) 650-7317
WEB: drtammylopez.com
INSTAGRAM: /dr.tammylopez
FACEBOOK /vibranttransformativehealth
Diabetes specialist, hormone testing, gut health, and mineral balancingVirtual
Nina-Marie Rueda
Nina-Marie Rueda, ND
(773) 982-9404
WEB: doctorninamarie.com
INSTAGRAM: /doctorninamarie
Perinatal and childrenVirtual
Lux Healthstyle
Kim Del Castillo HHP, FDN-P
(512) 751-2905
WEB: luxhealthstyle.com
INSTAGRAM: /luxhealthstyle
Gut healthVirtual
Jade's Apothecary
(760) 845-6587
WEB: jadesapothecary.comMental health, minerals and hormones, pregnancy and traumaVirtual / In Person

212 Shoreview Dr.
Conroe, TX 77303
High Sierra Health and Wellness
Lori Plater, FDN-P
(775) 686-8834
WEB: Highsierrahealthandwellness.comGIVirtual / In Person

Tahoe Blvd.
Incline Village NV 89451
Renewed Wellness
Tawni Hendriks FDNP
(928) 263-1225
WEB: iwantrenewedwellness.comGut Health, mineral balancing Virtual / In Person

1846 East Innovation Park Drive, Suite 100
Oro Valley, AZ 85755
I am passionate about helping people feel well again. We focus on creating the proper fuel for the body to function well by balancing minerals and replacing nutritional deficits. Then we work on what doesn't belong in a healthy body such as viruses, parasites, heavy metals. and mycotoxins. I have many grateful clients that are happy we finally got to the root cause of their health issues and they feel energetic and healthy again.
Wholistic Living by Tori
Tori Spielhagen, FNTP
(512) 461-7842
INSTAGRAM: /wholisticlivingbytori
FACEBOOK: /wholisticlivingbytori
Pediatrics/family practice Virtual / In Person

312 Tuxedo Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78209
Heidi Litton Wellness
Heidi Litton FDN-P
(407) 267-3014
WEB: heidilitton.com
INSTAGRAM: /heidilittonwellness
Female flight attendants with constant stomach issuesVirtualI specialize in supporting female flight attendants with constant stomach issues, so they can end the bloat, bathroom emergencies, and exhaustion.
Mel Wardhaugh Functional Wellness
Mel Wardhaugh, FDN-P
(253) 569-6451
WEB: melwardhaugh.com
INSTAGRAM: /primal_gut_detective
Families, gut health (constipation), food sensitivities and energy Virtual / In Person

425 Sorensen St.
Buckley, WA 98321
Learning what foods are best for your unique body is a foundational first step towards your personal food freedom framework, the right testing helps uncover healing opportunities .
Revive Functional Wellness
Sabrina Bailey, RN, CCM, FDN-P
(843) 222-1121
WEB: revivefunctionalwellnesssc.com
INSTAGRAM: /sabrina_revive_fdnp
Vitality Rising
Daniel Perry, FNTP
(484) 477-5347
WEB: vitality-rising.com
INSTAGRAM: /thyroid.revival.method
FACEBOOK: /ThyroidRevivalMethod
Women with Hashimoto's, hypothyroid symptomsVirtualWe run both blood test and HTMA on clients to target specific imbalances while putting them through a full nutritional/dietary program. Throughout the entire time we coach them through it and keep tham accountable to assure success. Unfortunately we cannot work with clients in Canada, New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island.
Healthy Beginnings Chiropractic
Amanda Metzger DC DICCP CACCP
(813) 482-9182
WEB: healthybeginningschirofl.com
INSTAGRAM: /healthybeginningschirofl
Preconception, pediatric and prenatal careIn Person

224 Crystal Grove Blvd.,
Lutz, FL 33604
BearPAL Nutrition
Courtney Bear MST FDN-P
(520) 982-6744
WEB: menopausemacros.com
INSTAGRAM: /bearpalcoach
Peri to postmenopausal femalesVirtual
KP Richards
KP Richards, HTMAp, INHC
(706) 970-1663
WEB: livelyrooted.com
INSTAGRAM: /thekprichards
Toxic symptoms of birth controlVirtual / In Person

2240 Davis Blvd.,
Naples, FL 34014
Natalie Beckrich, FNTP
(407) 575-6707
WEB: soulstis.as.me
INSTAGRAM: /Never2LateNutrition
Post partum supportVirtual / In Person

512 Cedar St.,
Monticello, MN 55362
I offer HTMA functional testing and enjoy helping growing families achieve optimal health.
Stephanie Gahm
Stephanie Gahm, FDN-P, HHP
(832) 244-6827
WEB: thewellnessgahm.com
INSTAGRAM: /thewellnessgahm2.0/
Detox and women with bladder painVirtual
Sally Aponte
Sally Aponte, FDNP
(347) 738-7971
WEB: sallyaponte.comWomen, digestive disorders, oxalate toxicityVirtual
Kelly Murray Sleep Consulting
Kelly Murray, FDN-P
(313) 333-1963
WEB: kellymurrayadultsleep.com
INSTAGRAM: /kellymurrayadultsleep
SleepVirtualI use functional lab testing to get to the root cause of my client's sleep issues.
A Stretch Beyond Yoga, LLC
Taimi Lawlor, M.S., Integrative Anxiety Coach
(315) 408-8316
WEB: astretchbeyondyoga.com
INSTAGRAM: /astretchbeyondyoga
FACEBOOK: /Taimi Lawlor
TIKTOK /stretchbeyondyoga

Anxiety, hormones, and gut dysfunction Virtual / In Person

32 Baker Ave.,
Quincy, MA 02169-7344
I use integrative modalities to help my clients drop their anxiety while improving the physical and mental health.
Alternative Health
Angel Hill, N.D., M.Ed.
(850) 293-2610
WEB: alternativehealthwithangel.com
INSTAGRAM: /AltHealthAngel
Women's hormones from preconception to menopause (25-55)Virtual / In Person

5533 Hwy 90,
Pace, FL 32571
Morgan Wilkerson
Morgan Wilkerson, APRN, CFNC
WEB: linktr.ee/mwilkerson
INSTAGRAM: /Wellnessby_mo
Women's hormone balance and gut health VirtualI offer functional testing packages to include HTMA and GI map with consultations and 1:1 programs
PureVeda Wellness
Valarie Yuskaitis, FDNP, Ayurvedic Practitioner, RYT200
(813) 300-1377
WEB: purevedawellness.com
INSTAGRAM: /purevedawellness
Gut health, hormones, mold Virtual / In Person

903 S Packwood Ave.,
Tampa, FL 33606
I target mind, body and spirit healing as those three areas are intimately interwoven; I incorporate modalities such as breathwork, meditation, stress relief techniques and mindfulness in every day life.
The Gutsy Executive Coach
Raewyn Guerrero, FDN-P
(858) 602-8943
WEB: gutsyexecutivecoach.com
INSTAGRAM: /gutsyexecutivecoach
Gut-brain axis, anxiety, burnout, IBS, sleepVirtualI have a 1:1 Heal Your Gut program incorporating the HTMA and 5 other functional labs. I'm also Corporate Wellness consultant. I practice CBT Hypnotherapy for dissolving mental blocks, overcoming smoking, and removing phobias.
Mindfully Well Functional Nutrition + Wellness
Melissa Tomczak, M.S., FDN-P, CNC, CSCS, RYT-200
(586) 419-6415
WEB: mwfitwell.com
INSTAGRAM: /mwfitwell
Motherhood (infertillity, pregnancy prep, pregnancy, postpartum), and childrenVirtualHelping you conceive, heal and thrive throughout all stages of family life
Activate Wellnes
Cynthia Boykin, APRN-CNP, LMT
(918) 815-5522
WEB: ActivateWellnessOK.comIn Person

2651 E. 21st St., Suite 402,
Tulsa, OK, 74114
I offer manual therapy (Be Activated and Osteopathic Manual Therapy) to activate health resilience in the body along with nutrition and mineral balancing.
Michelle Crouse
Michelle Crouse, PT, DPT, Health and Life Coach
(404) 692-1077
WEB: drmichellecrouse.com
INSTAGRAM: /iamdrmichellecrouse
Nervous system regulationVirtual / In Person

2020 Lakeview Avenue,
Richmond, VA 23220
I utilize Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis(HTMA) to establish the clients physiologic and psychologic baseline and then create a custom program to restore foundational health.
Saint Wellness
Joshua Saint FDN
(864) 623-8173
WEB: saintwellness.orgChronic fatigue, low energy, hormones, injury recoveryVirtual / In Person

287 HWY 184N,
Toccoa, GA 30577
I am a health detective that helps people who feel drained, are in pain and can't keep up restore their energy for life. Together we Detect, Correct, and Protect your body and energy through tests and health rebuilding programs designed just for you.
Intentional Synergy LLC
Christene Kamberis, FDN, M.Ed.
(262) 203-2331
WEB: intentionalsynergy.comVirtual
Kristen Nash Health
Kristen Nash BS, BCHHP, FDN-P
(832) 877-0317
WEB: kristennashnutrition.com
INSTAGRAM: /kristennashhealth
Women, gut & hormone healthVirtualKristen Nash Health is a health care practice that attempts to understand and resolve the underlying root causes of imbalance and illness in the body. Kristen is dedicated to prevention and resolution of illness by emphasizing nutrition and lifestyle changes. With this approach, we have the opportunity to restore balance and prevent or reverse the disease process. Kristen guides women through a natural, drug-less process to optimize their digestion and balance their hormones naturally utilizing comprehensive testing and food as medicine.
Healthy Honey LLC
Audrey Coats
(571) 340-1283
WEB: healthyhoney.co/workwithme
INSTAGRAM: /_healthyhoney
Women's hormone & metabolic health Virtual
NewBill of Health
Ken Newbill FNP, HTMA-P, HNC, HHC
(704) 412-2478
WEB: newbillofhealth.com
INSTAGRAM: /newbillofhealth
Women 40+ with chronic fatigue syndromeVirtualOur forcus is on foundational healing fundamentals with full body systems cleansing, heavy metal detoxification, microbiome balancing, mineral balancing, and epigentic factoring served with holistic and functional therapies to allow the body to come back into balance to heal itself and allow for better cellular regeneration.
The Sleep Detective
Martha Lewis, FDN-P
(307) 228-1502
WEB: thesleepdetective.com
INSTAGRAM: /marthalewissleepdetective
FACEBOOK: /groups/sleepandinsomniahelpforadults
YOUTUBE: @thesleepdetective
Sleep and insomniaVirtual
Magic and Wellness
Ashley Donnelly-Lawrence NTP
(316) 308-1133
WEB: magicandwellness.com
INSTAGRAM: /magicandwellness
Women with hormone issues, and gut issues VirtualI love to help others find joy in nutrition. Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated. It can truly be a fun and easy experience.
Erica Burns
Erica Burns, FDNP
(513) 307-6323
WEB: functionalhealthgems.com
INSTAGRAM: /ericaburnshealth
Liver stagnation, clients without a gallbladder or Facing Removal, digestion, insulin resistance and weight lossVirtualPayment Plan Options Available, Flexible Programs
Lydia Barrett
Lydia Barrett, FNTP, FBCS, IC-FHS
(515) 344-1864
WEB: journeytoabundanthealth.comFertility, pregnancy, postpartum, fatigue, heavy metals, bone healthVirtual
The Fertility Movement
Terra Vitiello, FDN-P
(619) 876-1276
WEB: terravitiello.com
INSTAGRAM: /terravitiello_FDN
Preconception; fertility preparationVirtual
Reclaim Optimal Health
Maral Salerno FDN-P
(928) 229-9409
WEB: reclaimoptimalhealth.com
FACEBOOK: /groups/thegutsolution
Gut healthVirtualI help people overcome chronic digestive conditions so they can live freely without pain or dread of the toilet. A functional approach to overcoming constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, IBS, acid reflux/GERD, SIBO, & chronic digestive conditions.
Nourish with Britt
Brittany Davis, CHHC, CHN
(910) 309-0610
WEB: nourishwithbritt.com
INSTAGRAM: /nourish.with.britt
Women's metabolic healthVirtualI specialize in helping women with fatigue heal their metabolism and gain more energy.
Living Well with Lindsey, LLC
Lindsey Locklear, FDN-P
(904) 501-9851
WEB: livingwellwithlindsey.comVirtual
Becker Health
Kathryn Becker, BS, FDN-P, BCHHC
(214) 300-8691
WEB: beckerfunctionalhealth.com
INSTAGRAM: /beckerhealth
Moms suffering from low energyVirtual
Thin Line Consulting
Sara Brady MS, FDN, AADP
(513) 259-5532
WEB: thinlineconsulting.org
INSTAGRAM: /sara.brady513
FACEBOOK: thinlineconsulting.org
First responders and traumaVirtual / In Person

5441 Green Acres Court
Cincinnati, OH 45248
Sara combines her career experience as a Family Behavioral Therapist, Juvenile Probation Officer, and a 911 Dispatcher with her training as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner to meet First Responders where they are mentally, emotionally, and physically. A dynamic and diverse career has led Sara to her passion space of creating individualized healing plans, walking the plan out together, and empowering First Responders to practically put their mask on first.
Functional Medicine and Acupuncture Inc.
Dr. Pearl Tin, DACM, MTCM, LAc
(408) 391-4178
WEB: drpearltin.com
INSTAGRAM: /dr.pearltin
Hashimoto's and hormones, gut healthVirtual / In Person

1436 2nd Street #515
Napa, CA 94559
I have both a Chinese Medicine background and a Western functional medicine to provide a holistic plan for healing.
Kim Heintz
Kim Heintz, FDN-P
(630) 864-0910
WEB: kimheintz.com
INSTAGRAM: /kim.heintz
Gut healthVirtual

Peri 2 Post Menopause Coach
Heather Chaney
(407) 963-0968
WEB: peri2postmenopausecoach.com
INSTAGRAM: /Peri2PostMenopauseCoach

Perimenopause and menopause Virtual / In Person

2137 Cypress Villas Dr.
Orlando, FL 32825-8567
SHE Talks Health
Sophie Shepherd Quist, FDN-P
(201) 563-3710
WEB: shetalkshealth.com
INSTAGRAM: /Shetalkshealth
Thyroid, mental health, period health, gut healthVirtualSophie is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and NLP Certified Life Coach who helps women transform their hormone, gut and thyroid health. Using a combination of root cause functional lab testing, transformational subconscious mindset reprogramming, and diet and lifestyle science, Sophie and her team, partner with you to create a holistic approach to bringing your body and mind back into balance. Her mission is to revolutionize the way women claim their health and slay old stories of being in sick bodies.
Michelle D'Ambra, Self Care Coach
Michelle Castiglia - CNC
(702) 354-1688
WEB: michelledambra.comSelf care, adrenal burnoutVirtual
Sol Garcia Health
Alejandra Garcia, FDN-P
(909) 297-6905
WEB: solgarciahealth.com
INSTAGRAM: /solgarcia.health

Virtual / In Person

10281 Trademark St,
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Alejandra's holistic health coaching will empower you to become your own health expert. Working as your health detective, she aims to uncover the missing pieces to your health puzzle and to provide a personalized health building program that addresses diet, rest, exercise, stress management and supplementation.
Marisa Faye Wellness
(720) 644-6358
WEB: marisafaye.com
INSTAGRAM: /marisafayewellness
TIKTOK @marisafayewellness
Women's hormone health - PCOS, hypothyroidism, autoimmune conditions, IBS, infertilityVirtual
Steph Hartfiel Health
Stephanie Hartfiel, FDN-P
(281) 703-8609
WEB: stephhartfielhealth.comPostpartum, pregnancy, children, women, HashimotosVirtualI am ready to empower you to RECLAIM your health and REVERSE symptoms through personalized wellness strategies so you can THRIVE in life, not just survive!
Fly2Wellness, LLC.
Jennifer Cecere, FDN-P
(330) 849-2359
WEB: Fly2Wellness.comRoot cause analysis specialist with focus on gut dysfunction and autoimmune diseases Virtual / In Person

199 S. Chillicothe Road
Aurora, Ohio 44202
I am a holistic practitioner with best in class, personalized programs to meet my client where they are and lovingly help them recover illness.
Nicole Ritter Health
Nicole Ritter, FDN-P, BCHHP, Holistic Nutritionist
(410) 458-4192
WEB: nicoleritterhealth.comThyroid, chronic illness, childrenVirtual
Hormone Goddess
Sarah Ball, CFMP, FDN-P, CECP
(267) 221-0484
WEB: hormonegoddess.com
INSTAGRAM: /thehormonegoddess
Hormones, thyroid, gut health, fertility, energy medicine, emotions and nervous system regulationVirtual
Rejuvenated Living
Cortney Shank, HC
(719) 330-3107
WEB: rlhealthspa.comHormones, women's health, HTMAVirtual / In Person

455 Satanta Cir.,
Westcliffe, CO 81252
Kellie Bernardi
Kellie Bernardi, NTP, CHC, CPT
(404) 985-8063
WEB: healthandkellness.com
INSTAGRAM: /healthandkellness_
Hormones, gut health, fertility, and thyroid/metabolic healthVirtual
Sea of Health Functional Wellness
Aubrey Christensen, FDNP
WEB: www.seaofhealthwellness.com
INSTAGRAM: /seaofhealthwellness
Stress and gut healthVirtual
Lori Balue Aging Adventurously
Lori Balue, A-CFHC, FDN-P
WEB: Loribalue.comDiabetes, Metabolic Dysfunction, Weight Loss in MenopauseVirtual / In Person

4830 West Avenue L6,
Lancaster , Ca, 93536
I help women rebuild their health and lose weight to feel beautiful and live life adventurously
Kathy Hoss
Kathy Hoss, CHC, MBA
WEB: kathyhoss.com
INSTAGRAM: kathyhoss_wellness/
LINKEDIN: kathy-hoss
Women's Health Issues, Hormones, Nutrition & metabolic health, Weight loss, Lab testing and longevityVirtual / In Person

1914 Gates Ave #B, Redondo Beach, CA, 90278
Working with women to optimize their health and longevity. With up-to-date scientific research and tailored laboratory testing, I'm committed to aligning strategies with individual needs, delving deep to uncover the root causes of health issues.
Christa Lyons Health & Wellness
Christa Lyons, FDN-P. CHHC
WEB: ahealthyoption.com
INSTAGRAM: /ahealthyoption
Women in perimenopause/ menopause struggling with digestive issues and hormone imbalances.Virtual
Nurture Wellness
Christa Cummings, LMT, CFNC
WEB: nurturelmt.com
INSTAGRAM: /nurturelmt
Chronic Pain ConditionsVirtual / In Person

7305 Musical Way, Severn, MD, 21144


Sue’s background includes being a two sport athlete in University and a member of Ontario Field Hockey team. She completed her CIS eligibility in College for photojournalism following 25 years as a photojournalist. Supporting two daughters through competitive hockey, Sue discovered her passion for Holistic Nutrition and returned to study at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, graduating with her Certified Nutrition Practitioner designation. She has a strong passion for supporting people through chronic stress. Sue enjoys time on the water, has her Level 1 SUP certification and recently started racing.


Kailan spent her youth on her family farm; from a young age she developed an interest in how the mental and physical wellness of animals can impact their bonding and performance. After improving the health of her equine companions, she has had some pivotal moments resulting in multiple national championship titles. Her inherent passion for health coupled with her degree in engineering has led her on this journey to help humans and animals alike realize the benefits of optimized health.  

Kailan’s goal is to enlighten others to the resources available, aid in resolving root cause of barriers and breakdown misconceptions surrounding poor behavioural patterns.


Yielding over a decade of professionalism in design and entrepreneurship, Grace is in charge of the many multimedia projects at Vykon. With an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, her artistic eye and a flair for creativity brings a unique touch to every project she undertakes. When she’s not working, Grace enjoys trying new recipes, watching movies and spending an afternoon in an art gallery.