Vykon Equine

Revitalized, healthy horses based on science

Uncage the Power Within Your Horse
with HTMA Science


Vykon Equine Performance Probiotic is a triple fermented microbiome enhancer.  Created to ensure that energy and endurance are optimized.


HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) testing is the key to better performance and longevity, not only for humans but for our equine friends.


Customized support with all of the minerals, vitamins, amino acids and herbals specifically designed for your horse based on HTMA results.

“Jade is amazing!  I have noticed a difference!  I know winter is coming and the horses are all growing their new coats but Jays’ is a beautiful new coat coming in.  It is very soft and shiny already.  He is perkier.  He comes trotting up to me when he sees his blue jacket- he LOVES taking his probiotics.  He has mre energy when I ride – even gave me a little buck, he has NEVER done that before!

I think many will benefit fro the Prbiotice line from Vykon Equine.”

Renee Turcotte and Jade